Several years ago I moved out of Visby where the studio became too small. In Stenkumla, just a mile south of Visby, I found a place with atmosphere. This is where I create my artwork in oil, acrylic and watercolor. The studio is part of my gallery and open during gallery visits.

My work is based on days by the shoreline. The landscape, the light and the rich bird life provides the base to my artworks.

The process

It is morning and day like all other painting days. I don’t think so much about todays painting project when I sit there with my morning coffe. After that I walk down the stairs, step through the corridor and open the door to the studio. It smells of oil from yesterday’s painting. The motif is drying against the wall facing away from me, as all the other motifs that are clear. It is a new morning and a new motive. No distractions, just a white canvas to be clamped onto the frame before the day’s work can begin. There is always a direction but the content is always a bit hidden. The uncertainty, the unsaid, or rather the unpainted creates a certain nerve that triggers the creation. In a few hours I hope to be there in a “flow” that will make today’s work into another painting.
Same thing tomorrow, the day after and the day after.

Theres a scene in which the canvas, pigments, and the brush movements are the actors. My hand and mind tries to be a director that forms  a picture  that appeals my day.

The pen moves, the impressions changes. Transforms how the pen moves. Lines are formed, blurred to some extent by the pigment that fills  the paper’s surface. A paper dries and weaves everything into a picture.

Lying there on the sofa, totally exhausted. I have given everything  and what remains of me is drying in the studio in a shimmer of oil.

in studio

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