My artistic journey began to flourish in the late 1980s. Now, with over 100 exhibitions and thousands of hours spent at the easel, watercolor tables, and in the field, I can truly say that it has been a journey where my aspirations have materialized. The journey persists with fresh ambitions regarding artistic expression and the portrayal of birds in art.

Days by the shore, among the birds that became a life, a job, a career that continues.


A selection out of "100"

Bruno Liljefors ateljé, Österbybruk
Wildlife Experience Museum, Colorado
Miller Art museum, Wisconsin
Monthire Museum of Science, Norwich
The Wildling Museum, California
Gotlands Konstmuseum
Jakobstads Museum, Finland
Sonora Desert Museum,Tucson
R.W Norton Art Gallery, Louisiana
Virsbo konsthall
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
Clarke Galleries, New York
Gumbostrand konst & form, Finland
Sala silvergruva, Galleri Linné
Mall Galleries, London
Gilcrease Museum, Oklahoma
Kunsthuis van het Oosten, Holland
Falsterbo Konsthall
The Wildling Museum, California
Edsvik konsthall
Satakunnan Museum, Finland
Newington Cropsey Foundation, New York



In the late 80s, my interest in painting in connection with my excursions to the bird fields increased. Pencil and watercolor became a natural part of my equipment. After a few years of intensive work, I had my first exhibition at Gotland in 1993. The years after were followed by several different exhibitions.


My exhibition “Birds in Light” in 1998 was as an important milestone as I had worked consciously before it to find an artistic form for the future.

Birds in light

Gallery Bird

In 2001 I opened my summer gallery, Gallery Bird. It was also the first time I was attending Open studios on Gotland . The opening day became in some way chaotic with hundreds of visitors. The gallery continued for several summers with a lot of wonderful meetings.


In 2003, I had the opportunity to exhibit in the world’s most regarded exhibition with birds in focus, Birds in Art at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Since then I have been exhibited there several times. The exhibition paved the way for an international journey that continues today.

Birds in Art

Gallery J.Nevala

The  Artgallery Johannes Nevala arose from a need to have a year-round space with studio and gallery. An old school from 1845 went on sale and its rooms with light and space where as made for a gallery. From 2006 onwards this is the place for my work and exhibitions on Gotland.


The exhibition organized by Jakobstad’s museum in “Tobaksmagasinet” was challenging and inspiring. A room of over 550 mand with the theme “classic to modern”. The work in the studio was to say the least frenetic the year before.


Jakobstad Museum

John calls

One a winter day 2015 when the light barely lifts over the horizon John calls. He is curious about my art and would like to have it in a new art center, Art & Form, just outside Helsinki. The premises are housed at K. Hartwall Oy’s former building at Gumbostrand. I have since that year participated in two exhibitions and have a smaller collection for sale at their place. 


The world has become digital. My art remains analog but also “digital”. Now I open up an artshop with some of my works that hang on the wall in the gallery. Through the artshop you can get an opportunity to experience the artworks from different angles, mounted in an environment and also in your room.



30 years since my first exhibition, what an incredible journey it has been! The painting ‘Persona’ serves as a profound symbol of this odyssey. Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s film of the same name and his tranquil refuge on Fårö, it resonates deeply with the essence of my artistic evolution. Throughout the anniversary year and the preceding years, it found its place in exhibitions at:

  • Newington-Cropsey Foundation, New York.
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Arizona.
  • Bozeman Art Museum, Montana.
  • Rockport Center for the Arts, Texas.

30th anniversary