Bird artist

Bird artist

Nearly thirty years ago I wandered in a landscape and met a place where the sea was constantly present, where the flowers of the meadow smelled lovely, where the stone wall ran as far as the eye could see and where the sound of birds made my heart beat. I immediately felt that my walk would have a profound effect on my life. Especially when the avocets and all the other birds on the shoreline appeared  and reflected in the sunset.

I have since then expressed theese impressions in art and through exhibitions shared my feelings frome the shore.

Birds from the
Artist´s view

In my painting and graphic production, I have several different ways of depicting birds in art. The viewer can both recognize and be surprised by my expression. The birds represents something that moves between different boundaries and where the artwork binds them together.

First impressions

"Nature from my heart"

I have a passion for nature’s life and strive to work from my experiences in the nature. I make associations to these places in a way that can be perceived as real or fictional, with the light as a central part. At the beginning of the process, I often start from events in nature in the form of sketches and text.